Our enterprise level plans are tailored to suit your exacting business needs, redundancy plans and compliance requirements. Our experience enables us to manage websites that can have zero downtime, be able to handle peak traffic loads and scale on demand. By using best-of-bread industry providers, we create leading solutions for WordPress websites. It’s one thing to have access to these tools and another to know how to effectively deploy them.

For those clients with a truly global reach, we can tap into our global server network and utilise CDN’s to ensure website stability and consistent performance, regardless of your audiences location.

Where security and redundancy are of significant importance, we setup real-time incremental backups and leading firewalls. Situations such as DDoS attacks are mitigated in real-time and powerful analytics will detail all instances for review.

Perk Enterprise

Technologies available to enterprise customers

  • CloudFlare
  • MaxCDN
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Amazon S3 Servers
  • WP Engine
  • PhP7
google cloud platform
Amazon S3 Servers
WP Engine

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