Each month you will receive an automated report. This covers off our key service areas and gives you peace of mind that we are on top of your WordPress websites requirements.

Your monthly report includes the following sections:


Here we highlight any WordPress core, plugin and theme updates that have happened in the last 30 days. The version numbers and specific dates of the changes are all included.


This details as a percentage, the uptime (when your site was live and not ‘down’) for the last 30 days. If there was downtime, we detail the date and time(s) it occurred.


We provide a snapshot of your Google Analytics report, covering off key metrics such as; sessions, page views, top referrers and pages receiving the most visits. More detailed reports can be created upon your request.


In this section we provide the status of your site against malware, vulnerabilities (out-dated plugins etc) and Web Trust searches, more info on this here. We also provide you a log of when the scans took place and when the most recent scan was completed.


The performance section documents your WordPress websites score with key metrics such as load time, page size and total number of requests. You also receive a PageSpeed and YSlow Grade!


You can ask us to track up to 10 keywords for your website. Each 30 days we will give you an update on the keywords positions in Google and also rank you against your top 10 competitors for this set of keywords.

Click here to download a sample report