There are many factors that go into achieving super fast WordPress hosting and due to the nature of how WordPress operates, this is not necessarily a ‘one size fits all’ scenario.

When accessing which scenario may result in the fastest solution for your WordPress site, we would recommend you review both your hosting setup AND your website configuration.

Let’s look at your hosting setup first

First and foremost, you should always choose to go with a reputable company, that has expertise in your core application or code base. In this case, we are referring to WordPress. This will ensure that the hosting company you select will have a vested interest in your websites performance and ideally, will be able to give you a pointer or two when needed.

What else should you be looking for:

  • Modern servers, ideally running on solid state hard drives.
  • The ability to scale with your requirements and business growth, either up or down.
  • Server side caching, ideally optimised for WordPress sites. This serves a static version of some of your page, reducing the page load times.
  • Amazing customer service. Try before you buy! Call the customer service line or submit a ticket or email. Evaluate the response carefully as this will be indicative of your what help you may receive in the future.
  • Access to additional services such as SSL certificates, offsite automated backups and Content Distribution Networks (CDN).
Fastest WordPress Hosting

So what makes our hosting so special?

You can have the best available hosting setup for your WordPress site, but this doesn’t guarantee that it will be fast. There are many factors that can really slow a site down, here are a few items to look out for, with some suggestions on how to address them:

  • Images, keep them as light-weight as possible. Scale them to the size that your page needs before uploading and run them through some image compression tools, such as Tiny PNG.
  • Videos, ideally host them on a service such as Vimeo, Wista or for a free option, YouTube. This will ensure your videos are loaded from these other sites, reducing the amount of work your server has to do.
  • Caching, this is a game changer for WordPress sites. Instead of each page load being dynamically generated ‘on the fly’, a copy or partial copy of the page is saved and reloaded the next time someone visits the site. This speeds up viewing experience for your visitors.
  • Limit the amount of plugins being used. There is now magical number of plugins for a faster WordPress site. Instead, think of each plugin potentially adding more load time to each page. The rule is to only use reputable tested plugins and only if you have a need for them. Don’t add them ‘just because’.
  • Themes – this is a big one! If you are using a pre-built theme, this is fine and generally recommended as the theme developers should be using a tried and tested code base for your to start your customisations from. Before installing the theme, test it’s demo page on something like Pingdom or Google’s PageSpeed test to see how it performs. The results from sites like these will give you awesome tips and pointers and where you can get back speed efficiencies.

We have barely scraped the surface into what it takes to have a fast WordPress site. The above are all elements we work with on a daily basis, so feel free to get in touch with us and ask any questions you may have, or to sign up to our website care plans as they come bundled with super fast website hosting!