What’s included?

All this and more in your monthly subscription…


Our blend of on page speed enhancements, combined with server side caching and optional CDNs, ensure your site is not only reliable, but super fast. We provide some great metrics on speed and benchmark appropriately.

24/7 monitoring

We monitor the performance of your site against our key metrics. This information is included in your monthly report. We can optionally notify you in real-time if your site goes down, which of course will be a super rare occurrence!


Each month you receive a report that details any updates made, uptime statistics, SEO analytics, keyword positioning, security review and performance metrics such as your PageSpeed and YSlow Grades.

SEO benefits

We track up to 10 keywords or keyword phrases for you. Each month you will receive a report on your top 10 competitors websites and keyword rankings, indicating if they have gone up, down or stayed the same.


Our sites are exclusively hosted on premium, WordPress optimised servers. These managed servers are arguably some of the best in the world. We can setup the server for you during production or migrate a completed site over at no-charge.


Each subscription comes with a staging environment. This is ideal for testing the compatibility of updates, trying out some content changes or new functionality in a safe, hidden environment. Password protection is available.


We take automated daily backups in the event that we need to roll back to a previous version of your site. These are safe, secure and can be restored within a couple of minutes, depending on the size of your website.


We have strong security in place to prevent malicious access and provide the status of your site against malware, vulnerabilities (out-dated plugins etc) and Web Trust searches, more info on this here.

Developer time

Your subscription comes with up to 2 hours of developer time for content updates, small functionality tweaks or general ‘how-to’ advice/training. Where projects or tasks exceed the 2 hours, you can purchase additional time.

Core updates

It is vital to keep your WordPress site up-to-date with the latest developer code releases. This ensures your site will function as intended and also protect your visitors. We take care of this somewhat tedious task for you.

Plugin updates

Plugins are maintained to ensure your site is running the latest compatible update. Where we are aware of potentially better performing plugins, we will let you know and give you the option to replace some of your existing plugins.

Ticket system

Your communications with our support team will be managed through our ticket support system. All conversations are tracked for future reference and our most suitable team member can join the conversation to help out.