24/7 Website Uptime Monitoring

We make sure your site is performing, around the clock.

What is website uptime monitoring?

Our platform keeps an eye on your WordPress website around the clock. Websites can ‘go down’ or stop working for many reasons and although it’s a rare occurrence, it’s best that we are the first ones to know. Our team receive instant notifications so we can diagnose and fix the cause of the problem. You can also choose to receive an email or SMS notification as well. This way you know that no news is definitely good news!

Clients receive a break down each month in their report of any downtime and details about the cause and any solutions we have put in place.

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Why do you need it?

Unless you visit your website frequently each day (inclusive of weekends) you will have no idea if it’s working or not. Each moment your site is down or broken, a prospective client or web visitor will be having a bad experience. This can lead to a loss in online sales, distrust for your brand and reduced exposure. Search engines will also flag this in their systems and the algorithms may not favour your site over your competitors.

Sounding good? Awesome, let's do this!