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What are automated website backups?

A website backup (at least at WP Perk) is an entire copy of your WordPress website. This is safety net that’s available if all else fails. It enables us to reinstall or move a website to another location or server within minutes. If a website experiences a major issue, we can restore to a previous version of the website we know was fully functional.

Our backups occur daily (or more frequently if desired) and are stored in an encrypted format with our third party cloud infrastructure provider. Logging is enabled to track backup status and to provide quick restore points. Clients can also opt to nominate their own backup points from providers such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 and OneDrive.

Why do you need it?

Backups should be the foundation of any WordPress management plan. If an update breaks your site, or your website unexpectedly crashes, a solid backup will have you back online in no time. Automation ensures that your website will be backed up consistently and creates a ‘set and forget’ situation.

We can also restore a backup to your dedicated staging environment to test new functionality, do some debugging or review previously lost work.

Automated website backups