WordPress core + plugin updates

The single best way to protect your website 

What are WordPress core + plugin updates?

Our team will regularly work on your website each month ensuring it’s running the latest and safest versions of WordPress and your preferred plugins. Much like your computer needs to be updated to ensure it runs efficiently and is safe from viruses, so too does your WordPress website. We perform these updates in a staging environment to ensure that there are no compatibility issues. Once we are satisfied all is ok, we perform the updates to your live server. We of course always have backup handy too, just in case.

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Why do you need it?

WordPress is such a popular platform and for good reason. It’s very flexible and powerful. The platform is supported by a large community of developers that continually refine and improve upon it’s core code base. This means many updates need to be made over time to ensure your website is not vulnerable to failure or attack. Without regular updates, it’s not a matter of if but when your WordPress website will fail. We ensure this does not happen.

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