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What is ongoing performance optimisation?

All WordPress websites will require continual tune-ups over their life span. Just like a car, there is routine maintenance that is required to achieve optimal performance. Our system monitors your website daily against 2 key bench marking sites that provide your website with a ‘Grade’ (A to F) and a percentage score out of 100. One of these services is provided by Google, it’s obviously beneficial to listen to their ‘tips and tricks’. We take this information and look for opportunities to enhance your websites performance and include this in your monthly report if your plan has that feature.

Why do you need it?

There are two key reasons why the performance of your WordPress website needs to be optimised. Firstly, Google uses performance as a ranking factor in its algorithm. The more optimised your site, the higher your chance of outranking your online competitors. Secondly, a swift experience for your website visitors is a pleasant one. It ensures they have minimal load times and can get to what they are looking for quickly. It also means they will be less likely to navigate away from your site looking for a faster website to fulfill their need.

Ongoing Performance Optimisation