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What is optimised WordPress hosting?

Essentially this means our website servers have been configured to host only WordPress websites. This enables us to achieve performance and security gains, perfectly tuned for WordPress. The performance gains are largely to do with speed. We run our special mix of caching, compression scripts and ‘know how’ to ensure your website loads super fast. Our servers are located in Google’s Cloud Platform and run on PHP7, providing serious power, stability and security features.

Our servers run plenty of security protocol that can be detailed further if you get in touch with us. At a high level all of our plans include: Encryption of data (e.g. SFTP, backups, OpenSSL), DDoS protection, Multifactor Authentication, Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Environment Segmentation, Password Policies, Firewalls, Access Control, Patch Management, Automated Backups and Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliant hosting).

Why do you need it?

Quite simply, not all website servers or hosting plans are equal. In a worst case scenario your website may go down, be hacked and display undesirable content or leak your website visitors data. A good hosting plan is like having an extra layer of insurance for your business. Every moment your website is compromised, your current or prospective clients will be having a poor experience with your company or brand.

At WP Perk you have the advantage of being able to contact the company that manages both your hosting and your websites content. This makes us accountable to our clients, super efficient and good at managing WordPress websites.

Optimised WordPress Hosting