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What is our priority customer support?

Reserved for our Perk Professional plans (and above) our priority customer support ensures minimal wait times and access to our WordPress team. Most small tasks are completed within the same business day and any tasks that will take longer will be scheduled and a completion time will be provided.

Our team of WordPress experts can be contacted over the phone, via the [email protected] email, via your help desk login or with the live chat on our website. This ensures we can be where ever you need us, when ever you need us.

Why do you need it?

There are two key reasons. Firstly our level of WordPress expertise ensures that any requests or problems you may have with your site, we have more than likely come across it before. Secondly, if there is an instance where your website has crashed, has a serious bug or anything of that nature, we are available to jump right and fix the problem. Because we manage both your website and the hosting, we have everything we need to get the problems fixed in record time.

Priority Customer Support