Security threat detection

Keeping a keen eye on your website, at all times

What is security threat detection?

Our security threat detection system is quite simply amazing. It scans your website daily to make sure all of the files are clean. It detects any malware and notifies of us any black listings. It also alerts our team if any known vulnerabilities exist in your plugins or the core WordPress version installed on your server.

You will see each daily audit included in your monthly report, as well as any vulnerabilities.

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Why do you need it?

A solid procedure for dealing with security issues always starts with knowing when and where they exist. Although our system won’t automatically fix any issues, it does a great job of alerting our team and drawing our attention. Additionally, we have the advantage of managing many WordPress sites. This means that if we detect a security issue in another clients’ website that may also be an issue for your website, we can swiftly apply the fix ahead of time.

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