SSL Certification​

Protecting your online visitors and business exposure

What an SSL certificate?

The SSL or (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security feature or technology that is used to protect users of your website. It ensures that any data submitted by a user to your website is encrypted whilst being sent to your website server. An SSL certificate tells both the user and the browsers that your website is protected. You would have noticed that some websites have a ‘padlock’ icon in the address bar to indicate they have an active SSL certificate.

We include an SSL by Let’s Encrypt in all of our plans, you can also feel free to bring your own and we will install it for you.

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Why do you need it?

First and foremost, SSL protects your website visitors. This is our number one priority and we are sure it is yours too! There are some other benefits though, such as the extra trust a user has in a secure website and you may get a boost in your search engine rankings as Google has indicated this is now a ranking signal in their algorithms. It’s quick for us to implement and creates immense value for your brand.

Sounding good? Awesome, let's do this!