What’s included?

All this and more in your monthly subscription…



This is where it starts. Your website will be migrated to our WordPress optimised servers and tuned for peak performance. We execute a bunch of best practice actions such as server side caching, image compression and database clean ups. We make your website super fast, which is great for your visitors and SEO.

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Once your site is optimised, we ensure it will be safe and stay online. Our system puts barriers in place to prevent malicious attacks. This is complimented by our meticulous schedule of core WordPress and plugin updates, SSL protection and if all else fails automated backups (but of course this is super rare!).

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Your website should be dynamic with a fresh stream of content and imagery. Our expert team of developers are on hand to provide up to 2 hours of support each month for content updates, small functional tweaks or to provide best practice WordPress advice.

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