You may have heard some like the terms ‘Managed WordPress Hosting’, ‘Fully Managed WordPress Hosting’ or ‘Premium WordPress Hosting’. More often than not, these are referring to a similar website hosting offering. These hosting solutions have a singular difference to other website hosting setups. Essentially the host company manages both your website hosting and the requirements of your WordPress installation.

What do the best managed WordPress hosting companies offer?

In really simple terms, we would say ‘their knowledge’. WordPress appears to be a really easy to learn tool, created for ‘non-web’ professionals to be able add content, pictures and comments to their sites. This is completely true and also why the platform is so successful. But behind the scenes there are many things that will at one point or another need the expert eye of a seasoned professional.

Veterans with the WordPress industry are the type of people that can look at your site that is down and almost instantly know what may be the cause. It’s really cool to see in action and can also be a little frustrating as you may spent the last 30mins on a verge of having (another) melt down.

Compared to a standard website hosting company that have zero knowledge of WordPress itself, we know who we would like to be in our corner when we need a helping hand.

Managed WordPress Hosting Australia

What do we look after?

WP Perk is an Australian Managed WordPress Hosting company, backed by the team at Wolf IQ, here are some of the services we provide as part of our plans:

  • Our customer service is top notch. We have a ticket system available 24/7, are super responsive to our emails and our 1300 072 134 phone number is manned 24 hours a day. Go ahead, give us a call now to have a chat… We WILL answer! Our team are well versed on WordPress and only work with the platform – it’s definitely our fav!
  • Back up management. We have automated daily backup routines and store complete copies of your website for up to 30 days. For those of you that would like these files backed up to your storage provider such as Google Drive, DropBox, Amazon S3 etc. Our expert team can arrange this for your also.
  • Configuration of other services. We offer a heap of other services such as SSL protection, CDN, domain name hosting, email setup and extra security… Just to name a few.
  • Your choice of server location. We are based in Sydney, but work around the clock and have servers located in Sydney, Australia, 5 locations with the USA and also in the UK. We can provision servers in other locations upon request as well of course. Our team will recommend the best physical location of your server based on where the majority of your website visitors live.
  • Speed optimisations. Our server side caching generally reduces load times by 50%! Our team also has a list of best practice procedures to shave even more time off your page load speeds.
  • Staging sites. Each WP Perk client has access to a staging site where either our team or yours can safely create and test new features, without affecting your website visitors. If the staging site breaks, it’s all good, that’s what it is there for. It will never compromise your live site.

Our managed WordPress hosting team are ready when you are to welcome your site onto our servers and to start tuning to get you the best performance possible!