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Meet our core team of WordPress experts

You might say we are not your a-typical ‘tech heads’. Yes we code and yes we are a little geeky, but, our biggest strength is our ability to truly ‘get’ your business. We aim to combine our tech knowledge with your business goals to achieve amazing things. This sets us apart from the rest of the typical developer market.

We view your website as a serious asset and pivotal to the success of your business. This enables us to recommend, create and execute online strategies that ‘pack a punch’. Depending on your needs you may deal with one, or all of us. Either way, we are sure you will firstly get some serious outcomes and secondly, have a blast and hopefully learn something new along the way.

All we ask for in return is your trust in our process and maybe a coffee catch-up when you are in town!

WordPress experts at WP Perk, Sydney

Benedetta Nissotti

Account Manager

Benedetta is a freethinker who is extremely passionate about bringing ideas to life. She applies her knowledge of creative production and customer engagement to craft positive experiences for clients and their customers. Benedetta completed her studies in Europe and has been working in Australia for over 8 years. Benedetta brings the team together and is their ‘go-to’ person for project delivery.

Heath Maguire

Creative Director

Heath’s insane interest in our clients’ companies comes from his earlier years in business management. He is always keen to collaborate and share his thoughts. Having a hands-on approach in both the design and development stages, he ensures that our projects are completed to perfection. As our key client account manager, you will see his jovial side which is perfectly balanced by his dedication.

Joao Henriques

Senior Designer

Joao is our resident creative mind with a keen eye for colour, layout, process and composition. Having honed his skills within Europe and Australia, he is a huge asset to our team and super passionate about creativity, branding, and user experience / interface design. Joao is skilled in many design principles and takes on the lion’s share of our design work, from branding to fully responsive mobile website designs.

Joel Maligalig

Senior Developer

Joel is our secret weapon when it comes to turning our designs into reality. He loves a good challenge and certainly knows how to code! Joel is proficient in many coding languages and is famous for making websites and systems ’talk’ to each other, creating efficiencies for our clients and their website solutions. He is super modest, knows WordPress inside-out and is definitely our ‘go-to’ guy for anything code related.

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