Any website owner, developer or designer knows the importance of secure eCommerce hosting. An unsecured website can lead to poor customer experiences, fraudulent activity, website downtime… or the dreaded ‘white screen of death’. WooCommerce in particular can have some specific hosting requirements depending on your shipping or merchant/checkout provider setup.

What WooCommerce Hosting do you offer?

As a minimum we recommend that all of the WooCommerce sites we host as part of our website care plans have:

  1. The latest updates available for both core WordPress files and plugins.
  2. A secure setup with protection against brute force, DDoS or other malicious attacks.
  3. A regular backup schedule with multiple restore points.
  4. A SSL certificate that is operational on all pages of the site.
  5. A Content Distribution Network (CDN).
  6. Server side caching to speed up and optimise the site.
  7. Analytics to measure the sites uptime and performance.
WooCommerce Hosting & WordPress eCommerce Hosting

Do we have experience with WooCommerce?

Absolutely! Our team manages many WordPress sites running WooCommerce as their eCommerce solution. These sites are located all around the world and total transaction revenue is in the millions. Many have coded customised payment providers or gateways and others use more common providers such as PayPal or Stripe (our fav for what it’s worth!).

Our experience stems across many industries and hence products. Some have no shipping requirements and others ship by the palate. Our knowledge is yours for the taking. By working with us, our cumulative experience will flow into your website and you ultimately will reap the rewards.

How do we get help with our WooCommerce site?

It’s really easy! Once you sign up for a WordPress care and maintenance plan, here’s what will happen:

  1. We will get in touch for some logins to your site and to have a chat about the objectives you have for your website.
  2. Our team then does a full review of your site and runs some preliminary reports as a baseline to measure from in the coming weeks and months.
  3. Over the next few weeks we put in place any fixes to ensure your site is stable and performing at optimal levels, whilst completing any changes or updates you send our way. It’s as simple as calling the team on 1300 072 134 or emailing [email protected].

What about your actual server setup?

Great question, there are a heap of best practice procedures we have in place for our servers. Click here to read about our WordPress hosting