WooCommerce Website Maintenance

We don’t need to tell you the features, benefits and just how amazing WooCommerce is as an online store. This humble plugin has grown over the years and evolved to so much more than a simple ecommerce solution. The popularity in this WordPress plugin has meant that it’s developers are constantly reinvesting and developing the platform to perform better, increase functionality and to more importantly patch against vulnerabilities and malicious code. This has made WooCommerce website maintenance such an import part of successful online stores.

This continual development requires that your site is updated regularly to take advantage of the latest code fixes and to run at optimal levels. It may seem as simple as clicking the ‘Update’ button from the plugins menu, but what happens if something goes wrong? Some of the common scenarios we see are:

  • Your product layouts break and display randomly
  • Shipping, tax or product variations are messed up
  • The cart and checkout process simply fail
  • … or worst case, the site doesn’t load and you see the ‘white screen of death’

Our intention is not to scare, but rather to highlight just a handful of the scenarios you could face if your WooCommerce install is not kept up-to-date.

WooCommerce Website Maintenance and Support

Why is WooCommerce Maintenance so important?

Simply put, every second, minute or hour your site is down or not performing as intended, you are losing sales. The costs to your business are not only measured during the downtime, but well into the future. Your website visitors will be less trustworthy of your brand due to their previous experiences. Would you be comfortable dropping your credit card details into a site that intermittently goes offline or has a broken security certificate? Probably not.

Why choose our website care plans?

Our website care plans are crucial for companies using WooCommerce to sell their products online. We know the in’s and out of WooCommerce and how best to configure both the plugin and WordPress for continual performance.

Outside of our usual checks and updates we do as part of our maintenance routine, we also:

  • Ensure you are running the most recent stable version of WooCommerce as they are released.
  • Always run a full backup of product and customer data prior to updating.
  • Check all updates in a safe (and hidden) staging environment to make sure nothing breaks, prior to pushing the updates to your customer facing site.
  • Keep your security certificate up-to-date and force SSL on checkout pages to protect your customers credit card details.
  • Make sure you are selling and shipping to only your approved countries to avoid unwanted, malicious scripts running on your site.

Ultimately, our goal is to put you in the best possible position to sell your products online. You focus on what it is you are selling and we will make sure it’s there 24/7 for your customers to safely purchase.

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