So I’m guessing you have heard some buzz about our WordPress website care plans and are here for a little more info? Awesome, I’m going to run through the in’s and out’s of our plans, who they are ideal for, why they are a necessity and how they work. First up, the ‘what’.

What is a WordPress Website Care Plan?

A website care plan or maintenance plan is designed to keep your website operating at peak levels. A website is much like a car, in theory they will continue to operate day-in day-out in the same manner. However, eventually they may become sluggish, will need some fluids topped up or simply need a good deep clean so you don’t look you have driven through the Sahara Desert to drop the kids off at school.

You can run the risk and  drive your car until the pretty warning lights flash on the dashboard and you have to get it towed to the garage, but why would you? It will end up costing you more in the long run, mean you have downtime without a car and have to take time off work to run back and forth to the garage. A simple routine service and checkup could have avoided this whole scenario.

Your website has the exact same requirements. It is not a set and forget tool for your business. It must be routinely updated and serviced to ensure it continues to perform. In fact, it’s performance should increase overtime from the very first day you picked up the keys for it.

WordPress Website Care Plan

Who is it for?

Simply put, anyone that owns or operates a WordPress website. Most of our clients rely on their website to perform a particular purpose, from a simple ‘brochure’ style website with company or product information right through to a full eCommerce site with millions in annualised revenue.

To continually engage your existing clients and new ones, fresh content is a must. If there’s nothing new then quite simply, why would your website visitors return to your site?

Many of our exiting clients from Wolf IQ have taken us up on a website care plan and are realising the positive benefits of fresh content being added to their sites. If your website was created by another agency, a developer that has gone ‘missing in action’ or even yourself, that’s fine, we will still welcome you with open arms. If it’s in really bad shape, we may need to spend a little more time in the first month to bring it up to scratch. We will let you know if this is the case once you have signed up.

When is a good time to get one?

If some part of your business or online initiative needs your website to be performing at peak levels, then our website care plans are for you. The time is now!

You may have stronger needs for different areas such as maintenance, hosting or general WordPress support and content updates, but ultimately a care plan will benefit you. It’s never to late and if you are yet to build and launch your site, even better.

We understand that if you are just starting out and cash flow is lean, we may not be the right option for you right now. We are always happy to help out with some advice to get off to a flying start. Once your site takes off and you commence to execute your ‘world dominance’ plan, know that we are ready and waiting to be your side kick!

Why do I need it?

Your website is a huge asset to your business. Have you ever thought about your website as an employee?

Your website never runs late, or takes a sick day and literally works 365 days of the year, even on public holidays. They are always in the same good, consistent mood, can talk to literally thousands of prospective customers at the same time and deliver your pitch perfect message every time.

Your website lays out any frequently asked questions and even lets you know of who has been visiting and what they were interested in. Pretty cool huh?

Now compare the cost of your site and it’s ongoing maintenance to that of an average employee salary. The cost is tiny in comparison. That’s why you need to look after your #1 employee!

How does it work?

Really simply (of course!). You sign up online, we reply with an email asking for logins to your site (if you are not already a Wolf IQ client) and then we get to work.

We will do a full audit of the site to identify key areas for improvement and generate your first report (see a sample report here). We will keep you updated across the entire process and when you are ready to start sending through content updates, simply send them to [email protected] or call us on 1300 072 134 and most small tasks are completed within 24 hours.

You have 2 hours per month to use for these types of updates, so go wild. If you need a little more, that’s fine as well. We’ll keep you posted and let you know if you require extra time before we complete the tasks.

If you have any questions we encourage you to email us on [email protected], call on 1300 072 134 or use the live chat on our site. We treat each and every individual client like a real person, no long wait times or ‘call backs here’. We look forward to taking the hassle out of running your successful WordPress website, freeing you up to do, well, whatever you like really!

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