Here we will explain what’s involved, how you should do it, why you need to do it and when you should do it!

Got it? Good!

What’s involved in WordPress Maintenance?

Simply put, keeping it up to date, keeping it relevant to your target audience and keeping it alive.

Keep it up to date:

Just like your computer, your WordPress website needs to be updated on a regular basis with the latest software (or code) updates. This includes the core WordPress files, any themes you may be using or plugins, that add functionality to your site. We recommend your updates are assessed at least once a month.

Keep it relevant to your target audience:

Keep it fresh, you want your website to perform for you and a huge part of this is keeping your visitors engaged with new content on a somewhat regular basis. You may even choose to interact even more closely with things like commenting systems, social media embeds or video blogs. Regardless of the activity, you just need to make sure there is some activity, otherwise engagement will decrease and so to will the effectiveness of your site.

Keep it alive:

This one is obvious, you need to know the moment that there is a security threat to your site, something has gone wrong or worst case, has crashed and is offline. If your site is compromised, so to will the target audiences experience and yet again, you will be left with one of your best sales tools laying idol and doing absolutely nothing.

WordPress Multi Site Hosting

How should you do it?

We have written about the best practice maintenance processes to keep a WordPress site secure here. Regarding your content, well this is entirely up to you and should be ideally dictated by what your target market responds well to. This may be blog articles, how to posts or even video’s. The idea with the ‘how’ is to firstly do, then measure, then redo if it works. If not, no biggie, try something new. Try to base your analysis on the cold hard numbers, apparently they don’t lie. Tools like Google Analytics will reveal some great insights for you.

Why should you do it?

We like to think about our clients’ websites as their best employees. They work 365 days of the year (even public holidays!), continually deliver consistent and well refined messages, are never moody or ‘need a coffee’ and can even talk to many many customers all at once. Not to mention, they have really low salary expectations, #employeeoftheyear!

So why wouldn’t you look after your number one employee and make sure they have all of the tools they need to keep up their amazing levels of performance.

When should you do it?

From the technical side of updates, you should be doing this at least monthly. From a fresh content perspective, there is now magical number for how often you need to publish new content as this will vary depending on so many factors. The golden rule though however, is to just ‘do’. Make sure that you find the time to create, share and market new content to get the most of our your WordPress website.

Need some help?

What a coincidence! We are on standby to help. With our website care plans, all of the technical updates, maintenance, hosting etc is taken care of by us. You have peace of mind and will receive a monthly report with all of the vital stats to keep you in the loop. The fresh content side of things is easy too. Simply jot it down and send it to [email protected] and our team will get it on your site, generally in under 24 hours.

We take care of your site so that you can focus on, well, anything you like really!